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We Are Excited To Announce of NEW FX635 Laser!


We Are Excited To Announce We Are Now Offering A Touchless, Painless Treatment for Chronic Pain.

No Pain | No Side-effects | No Downtime

The FX 635 by Erchonia®  is designed to effectively target muscles and tissues and promote natural healing. Low-level lasers stimulate the body’s light-sensitive components to produce an effect similar to photosynthesis in plants — the cells’ mitochondria are stimulated, encouraging the cell to produce more ATP naturally.

With Erchonia’s handheld red laser treatment device, you get more than just a typical cold laser. We can now treat more conditions with a single device and create a more personalized treatment regimen for you.

The Erchonia red laser, operating at a wavelength of 635nm, has been proven effective in relieving chronic pain such as neck and shoulder pain. The healing properties of red laser pain treatments provide patients with a safer, healthier alternative to drugs and corrective surgery.


Call us today and set-up a consultation to discuss how are laser therapy can help treat your chronic pain.


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