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The LA Chiropractor offers comprehensive chiropractic care to people who suffer from back pain. Dr. Shamoiel provides this service in Los Angeles, California and to the surrounding area. The LA Chiropractor treats back pain, neck pain, headaches, injuries from vehicle accidents, and sports medicine. Ben Shamoiel cares about his patients and their recovery.

Back Pain Q & A

How does Dr. Shamoiel treat back pain?

Manipulation, which is also referred to as adjustment, is the primary treatment used by chiropractors to treat back pain. Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation with their hands or devices that use controlled force to adjust vertebrae alignment. Dr. Shamoiel uses an Impulse Adjusting Instrument, which provides spinal manipulations without the popping or cracking of joints, which helps some patients to relax. Spinal adjustments are generally safe for treating back pain when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner, according to the NIH. Dr. Shamoiel also helps his patients to prevent future back pain and injury by suggesting strengthening exercises and stretches that prevent future back pain by strengthening the muscles in the core and back. Dr. Shamoiel is dedicated to diagnosing and treating the root cause of back pain, to truly provide long-term and sustainable relief.

What are some of the proactive treatments that Dr. Shamoiel uses with people who have back pain?

Because the cause of back pain varies from one patient to the next, Dr. Shamoiel offers different treatment options. One option might be low-impact exercises that target abdominal fat. Dropping belly fat can help your spine return to a more normal curve. Stress reduction is another common passive treatment option. These alternative treatments work in conjunction with traditional chiropractic care to help solve immediate pain issues while adding a preventative aspect to a patient's treatment plan.

How does network spinal analysis help?

By improving the way the brain talks to the muscles via the nerves, patients might find that there is a reduction of pain, improvement in their quality of life, and a decrease in stress. The goal is to help patients develop a nerve system that self-corrects. Along the way, sub-goals include teaching people about making healthy lifestyle decisions, improving diet and including exercise as a form of medicine. The process is painless and the results are positive.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At The LA Chiropractor, we do all the paperwork for you, and we work with most insurance carriers that have chiropractic benefits. We specialize in helping people involved in accidents and work with their medical or auto insurance. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact our office. We also offer a free insurance verification check.

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Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Ben is more than a great Chiropractor, he's positive, health conscious friend who cares about people and the community!"

    Brian P.
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    "I've been to 5 or 6 different chiropractors over the last 10 years or so for chronic neck and back issues. Dr. Ben is by far the best."

    Redetha D.
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    "Dr. Ben has a tranquil sounding voice which puts you at ease, as he goes to work on turning back the clock on your body's functionality."

    Sam R.
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    "After one year visiting this AMAZING chiropractor every week, I can truly say my pain is gone, and he was able to get my neck curve back to where it supposed to be."

    Lulu F.
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