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Ben Shamoiel


When I was in my late teens my mother was very sick. I would often take her to her medical doctors and soon began notice that they were primarily treating her symptoms and not addressing the root cause. None of the doctors or specialists really had a solid answer on what her condition was and even worse – they had no clue how to get her healthy again. I knew that there had to be a more natural, non-invasive, and drug free way to get sick people well again.

In 1992 I found the great book on the science of Chiropractic and it was clear that this was my path to helping others restore their health. In 1995 I went to Life University in Atlanta, GA and studied with the top doctors in the Chiropractic field at the time. I spent most of my time in the research center working on the effects of the adjustment on the upper cervical spine. I graduated in 1998 and began practice in 1999.

I have spent the last 25 years working with the top doctors all over the country to develop my technique to restore health and spent countless more hours in post-graduate studies in the field of pediatrics, spinal biomechanics, central nervous system restoration, functional sports bio-mechanics (in golf, tennis and baseball) and the brain stem. But it wasn’t till I had my own kids that I finally began to understand the roll of the brain in healing.

In 2013 my then 2-year-old son Zohar fell off the porch and hit his head on a concrete floor. The sound was so loud that I can still hear it today. As most parents do, I rushed over and did a thorough check to see if he was bleeding. Soon a nice big bump formed, and we did the natural thing - iced it down and watched Curious George. He saw several doctors, got chiropractic adjustments and in a week or so the bump had gone down and the bruising was getting better; they all gave him a good prognosis.

It wasn’t till the age of 4 when I started to notice Z had balance issues. He would trip and fall every time he began to run, and he had difficulty and was uncoordinated when turning to the left. That’s when the teeth grinding and the dry-hacking cough started. These symptoms went on for 8 months and I had every Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Naturopath I knew working on him to no avail. I soon realized that this was not a spine issue but a brain issue.

With this new realization in mind, I looked for the best Chiropractor that worked with concussions – Dr. Wagner. In just a few visits Z was better, and we finally had answers. I was amazed and had to know more. Since then I have spent over 2 years studying with Dr. Wagner to master everything does and teaches. I have learned more about how concussions affect not only our overall health, but how they actually rewire the neuropathways for our thoughts and decisions. It was remarkable to learn that a simple fall can change how the brain perceives the body. And the most complex problem with a concussion is that if the brain does not know you have a problem there is no way to heal it.

After 20 years of practice I am still excited to be learning more about how the body works. I am excited to incorporate Functional Applied Neurology into my practice and find the cause of the problem that we all face in restoring our health. I was fully certified in 2018 and have helped reverse the symptoms of Post-Concession Syndrome from many types if injuries.

From physical injuries such as accidents, falls, and impacts to severe emotional events and even chemical toxicity - the brain is a sensitive organ and susceptible to all types of stress. When healing the body, it all starts from the brain and this realization has been the biggest game changer in my practice in the last 20 years. If you want to know the why of your symptoms and really address the cause, and not just respond to the symptoms, then I am here to help you.

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