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Neck Pain Specialist

Ben Shamoiel, DC -  - Chiropractor

The LA Chiropractor

Ben Shamoiel, DC

Chiropractor located in Los Angeles, CA & Marina Del Rey, CA

Dr. Ben Shamoiel and our associates are board-certified. We specialize in treating neck pain, lower back pain, and general back pain in addition to sports injuries, injuries from automobile accidents, and chronic headaches. We serve Marina del Rey, California and the Los Angeles, California area. Our practice is called The LA Chiropractor and we provide comprehensive chiropractic care.

Neck Pain Q & A

Is adjustment of the neck the only way to help with a stiff neck?

We use a variety of treatments on the cervical spine and the muscles associated with those vertebrae. Treatment options include nerve alignment using a gentle pressure. It may also include massage so that muscles relax and allow the bones to go back into alignment. Physical manipulation is also an option, but it is not the only way to treat neck pain. When vertebrae are out of alignment their realignment can occur using pressure. We always begin with a thorough diagnosis and explain to patients all of the options available to them. By doing so, we reduce patient stress while allowing them to participate in their own care.

Can neck pain be caused by sitting for too long?

Yes. Some forms of neck pain can be attributed to poor posture and to sitting for long periods of time. That is mostly true when the head is forward and the eyes are facing down. Ergonomics is a proactive way to help prevent neck pain from occurring. Posture training is also a proactive way to reduce the strain on your neck so that there are fewer painful episodes.

What are the causes of neck pain?

Neck pain occurs because of nerve pressure or injury, muscle tension, trigger points, stress, poor posture, whiplash injuries, and injuries associated with automobile accidents. Sometimes the cause is a direct result of a single incident such as a car accident. At other times, neck pain might result from many different issues, such as poor posture and stress. Because of the wide array of potential causes, we start with a thorough diagnosis which includes a lifestyle assessment. We believe that by treating all of the causes of health-related issues, such as a sore neck, that patients live a higher quality of life than when only the symptoms are treated.



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