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Dr. Ben Shamoiel is a board-certified doctor of chiropractic who offers advanced treatment for spine pain and sciatica. He serves the Los Angeles, California area through his practice, The LA Chiropractor, where people come to participate in their recovery. Dr. Shamoiel uses traditional and alternative treatments to help people live pain-free and is an expert in sciatica treatment.

Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a lower back condition that causes the sciatic nerve to produce a range of symptoms from the lower back to the bottom of the foot. Sciatica almost always appears on the right side, but it can also be associated with left leg issues.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

Most people associate sciatica with pain that radiates down the right or left leg. In extreme cases, both legs might be affected. In mild cases, there might be no pain present, but a sensitivity that feels like pressure, burning, or numbness on the lower back, hip, and leg. The symptoms vary from patient to patient and range from excruciating pain to mild tingling.

What are the treatments for sciatica?

There is a long list of treatments that Dr. Shamoiel can use to treat sciatica and it is rare for Dr. Shamoiel to focus on a single treatment for sciatica. Instead, he builds a plan of care that involves multiple treatments and is specialized for each patient. Those may range from applying ice and heat to hands-on chiropractic care. He may also ask that you change certain lifestyle habits such as your diet or that you start exercising. His focus is always on helping you overcome pain but also to prevent the recurrence of sciatica through a proactive approach to care.

How long does the treatment for sciatica last?

The duration of treatment for sciatica depends on how severe your case is and how well your body responds to treatments. Expect treatment to last at the bare minimum for several weeks. Most people have ongoing treatments for several weeks and then again as flare-ups occur. If you have lifestyle options as part of your treatment plan, those can continue indefinitely. Also, expect that your treatment plan will change. As you grow stronger, different exercises will be more effective. As your pain decreases, new stretches and exercises will make your progress go faster.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

At The LA Chiropractor, we do all the paperwork for you, and we work with most insurance carriers that have chiropractic benefits. We specialize in helping people involved in accidents and work with their medical or auto insurance. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact our office. We also offer a free insurance verification check.

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    "Dr. Ben is more than a great Chiropractor, he's positive, health conscious friend who cares about people and the community!"

    Brian P.
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    "I've been to 5 or 6 different chiropractors over the last 10 years or so for chronic neck and back issues. Dr. Ben is by far the best."

    Redetha D.
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    "Dr. Ben has a tranquil sounding voice which puts you at ease, as he goes to work on turning back the clock on your body's functionality."

    Sam R.
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    "After one year visiting this AMAZING chiropractor every week, I can truly say my pain is gone, and he was able to get my neck curve back to where it supposed to be."

    Lulu F.
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