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Remember To Keep Warm

As the weather cools down our muscles need to be kept insulated. This is the time of year I call ‘Crick in the neck season’. People go to bed with their shoulders uncovered, then temperature drops into the 50s. In my experience warm muscles and cold air often don’t get along.

To avoid muscular spasms that can occur seemingly out of the blue be sure you properly hydrate and maintain your pliability through stretching. Remember don’t bounce when you stretch. Additionally regular sports and neuromuscular massage work can help go a long way to making sure your muscles stay pliable and don’t spasm out because you’re trying to head in to look out the window.

Heating pads and microwavable heating pillows can provide a lot of much-needed soothing warmth on sore neck and shoulder 

muscles too.

At LASM we offer hot towels as well as heating lamps to provide you effective muscle-relaxing heat. You might even feel like an item at the hot bar at the local healthy food market too! LOL

What better way to relax your muscles, protect them from potential injury and enjoy better sleep than with regular massage at L.A. Sports Massage.


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