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We offer wide range of programs to fit and stay healthy in our life.

We believe that staying fit is a life long process. We try to achieve the same though the most natural ways possible ensuring long term benefits.

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Welcome to wellness, at Century City Health Solutions it is our mission to make your health our number one priority. Our practice offers a diversified program to begin a healthier “rest of your life”. Our team of highly trained, qualified professionals will assist in giving you the health solutions you need to achieve remarkable results that last a lifetime. Every journey begins with the first step; let us start you down the path to success while creating lasting memories, and building unforgettable relationships.

Dr. Ben is bringing the future of health technology to Century City Health Solutions by providing patients with a pain-free, surgery-free and medication-free procedure to our practice. This innovative process will help to relieve chronic and or acute reoccurring pain, numbness and tingling sensations in the hands and feet. This cutting edge service can be incorporated into your treatment to increase the strength of your muscles, and allow nerve reformation. We ensure to find the underlying cause of each patients symptoms with neuropathy treatments.

We play an active role in each patient’s recovery and wellness by providing them with first-rate care to get the most effective results. Our doctors offer more than just intensive rehabilitation care, we provide you with the ability to heal, getting you to an efficient pain-free life. Whether it is recovery from an auto accident, sport injury, muscle pain we integrate various therapeutic modalities and have illustrated prevention and rehabilitation solutions meeting the needs of each individual.

The Century City Health Solutions are leaders in the area of sports medicine research dedicated to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. We provide the latest diagnostic methods, regenerative techniques, and athletic performance enhancement with forms of non-surgical treatments. Our patients benefit from top techniques experienced in assisting patients from all ages. We deliver the expert advice you need to stay active and reduce/eliminate pain to treat the whole person, not just the specific injury.

Cold laser treatments supply energy to the body in pure form of light energy which the body is able to absorb and accelerate the normal healing rate of tissue for a wide range of alignments. It is called cold laser because it operates on a specific wavelength that does not increase thermal temperature. This is a non-painful procedure and has been proven to repair tissue, reduce swelling, increase blood flow, assist in the healing process of sports injuries, ligament injuries, and regenerate nerves.


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